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 Thank you for joining us at the Conference!

Learn more about ICU Mobile by visiting the About ICU pages.

We go in partnership – In Christian Unity – with others to serve women in need. Find an ICU Mobile Medical Clinic near you. 

Curriculum Scope and Sequence 

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More Lessons coming! Check back often! Click on lesson to download

GO Serve Women

GO Serve Women, K-2, Each of Us is Unique

GO Serve Women, K-2, Who is My Neighbor 

Go Serve Women, 3-5, Kids Who Serve

GO Serve Women, 9-12,  A Critique of Pro-Choice Slogans

GO Serve Women, 6-8, Roe v. Wade, What is the Law?             Timeline of Abortion Laws


GO Save Lives

GO Save Lives, K-2, How Babies Grow

GO Save Lives, K-2, Be a Fit Kid

GO Save Lives, K-2 Explore the Wonders of Our 5 Senses

GO Save Lives, 3-5, Personal Safety              Personal Safety Poster

GO Save Lives, 6-8, Pregnancy        Pregnancy Worksheet     Graphics       Pregnancy Worksheet Key 


GO Share Jesus

GO Share, K-2, Jesus Loves the Children

GO Share, K-7, God Created Me

GO Share, 3-5, Jesus Loves Me

GO Share, 6-8, God's Word on Life

GO Share, 6-8, Adoption is Good     Adoption Worksheet      Adoption Worksheet Key


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 Host Birthday Challenge
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