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Life Movement

There are many pro-life organizations today and ICU Mobile is one of many trying to make a difference. We cannot do this alone and feel strongly about partnering with other pro-life organizations, ministries, families, and people to stop abortion.

Pro-life organizations typically fall into one or more of three major categories of service:

  • Education (i.e. teaching teen abstinence in schools, helping people to better understand the life issue)
  • Legislative (i.e. working to change laws, influencing culture and politics)
  • Crisis pregnancy (i.e. pregnancy resource centers, sidewalk counseling, mobile ultrasound)

At ICU Mobile, we primarily serve as a crisis pregnancy resource to those women and families in need. We applaud the efforts of many in the life movement that seek to bring about change. If you would like more information about how you can join the life movement with ICU Mobile, please contact us